Corporate Information

We and our subsidiary design, manufacture and sell ladies lingerie under the subsidiary' s brandname "Sabina". Our products meet the demand of children, teenagers, young women and adults. We also sell corsets, girdles and other types of lingerie. We have many collections such as Sabinie, Cool Teen, Pretty Perfect, Moldem Curve by Sabina, Doomm Doomm,Soft Doomm, Viora and so on. We launched a new collection, "Gossip Bra by Sabina", in 2011. which received well response from customers. We also design and manufacture ladies lingerie for the distributors of highly popular brandnames in Europe .

Sabina products are unique in their colorful and fashionable designs; they have all the functionality to satisfy modern women who attach importance to lingerie with excellent design; they also improve the figure and enhance the beauty in the most fashionable way. They come in two types:

Products manufactured and sold under subsidiary' s brandnames

They came in three types:

  • Bras

    Not only are bras essential to women, they are also fashionable products to help wearer increase self-confidence. We have a wide range of products such as demi-cup bras, full coverage bras, under-wired bras, wireless bras, including the fashionable strapless bras.

  • Underpants

    Underpants are essential in daily life. Normally, we design underpants to go with bras. However, women wear bra and underpants either in set or in mixed combination of plan colors. We have a Panty Zone with hygienic underpants of standard plain colors.

  • Other types of products

    Other types of products are Ambrace Body Shaping Corset & girdle such as Ambrace Body Shaping girdle, Ambrace Body Shaping Corset, Long slip, and lingerie accessories such as bra strap,enhancers, suspenders, etc. The Company offer variety of products for customers' choices.

Products made for overseas distributors (OEM products)

We make OEM products to customer's order. In fact, some of them are adapted from our original designs to customer's order—approximately 30% of all OEM products.

Presently, we work closely with our buyers. Their designers usually come to see our designers to collaborate on the design. We introduce the trends, colors, moods and tones for each season before product development. We also work with fabric and lace vendors and raw material suppliers on the designs, patterns, colors and tones.