Frequently Asked Questions

How to be Sabina membership?
Only purchase Sabina's products up to 2,000 Baht, you will get free! member card at Sabina's Boutique Shop in every leading department stores.
What will I get from being a Sabina Membership?
1. Get Special discount in your birthday’s month.
2. Get Sales promotion from Sabina
3.?Get Sabina newsletters
4.?Get a right to Participate Sabina’s activities
Special privileges for Sabina Member Club on your birthday?
You can present your Sabina Club together with SMS sending from Sabina at Sabina’s counters or any participated shops during your birthday’s month.? You will get special discount up to 30% from net invoice but not exceed 5,000 baht (limited only one purchase)
???? The example of the SMS from Sabina
"Happy Birthday, Miss/Mrs. /Mr.…………. …………... Sabina gives 30% discount for your purchase within birthday’s month. Only present your Sabina member card with ID card at Sabina’s counters or any participated shops. For more information pls. contact? 662 422 9430"
Can I use Sabina member card as the discount?
Now you can use Sabina member card only for accumulated points in order to join our event, but still cannot use for redemption
Do I need to pay for Sabina member card?
No, only purchase Sabina?s products up to 1,200 baht you will get Sabina membership for free!
How long the temporary member card can be used?
There is no expiry date and Sabina member card (just like ATM card) will be sent to you 1 month after applying.
How to use Discount Coupon?
You can use Discount Coupon accompanying with Sabina Club at any Sabina?s  counters, participated shops or showroom with the sign ?Sabina Club?.
What can I do if I forget Sabina member card but want to purchase Sabina?s product?
Don?t worry! If you can remember your Sabina member card ID, you can inform to our PC. But if you can not remember, you can only inform your name ? surname with your identity card?s number to our PC. We will accumulate points for you.